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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals to live happier and more purposeful lives through
the creation of positive daily habits.

It was 1999, and Happier Mind Journal founder Matt Mignona was preparing to qualify for the 2000 Olympic Games. This entailed unbelievable self-control and mental fortitude, which he found every morning and evening through journaling for mindfulness, gratitude, and focus. It was during these years that Matt learned the power that journaling can have on your life.


Fast forward to 2013, when Matt noticed that he was surrounded by people who were running on empty. People with dreams and goals. People who wanted to be somebody great but struggled to give life what it requires in order to achieve those dreams. All of these people had one thing in common: they didn’t have clarity to what they wanted, and they didn't know how to get it. They needed help.


This cry for help led to the birth of the Happier Mind Journal. Happier Mind Journal was founded in 2017 in Medina, Ohio, with a single goal:  to make it easy to become the best version of yourself. To make it easy to feel happy, healthy, and energized every day. To make it easy to set goals and follow through on them. 


And since then, we've done exactly that. We've helped thousands of people take steps toward and accomplish their dreams through mindfulness, gratitude, and focus by simply providing a format that works and a little guidance and encouragement on the side. 


Our model is simple: we developed a journaling framework that encourages you to prioritize self improvement in all areas of your life. It's designed to cater to the first-time journaler and the seasoned writer alike, making it simple to get started and stay committed throughout the 90-day journey. And it's all we do: we offer our journals to those in all walks of life in hopes that they find purpose and fulfillment through the exercises. 


We've gone a step further by making our journal affordable for nearly everyone. We believe in meeting you where you are. We believe that you deserve to experience life with your senses and taste achievement no matter your background. 


We do just one thing, we do it well, and we have it made our life's work to positively impact those around us with the wisdom and strength we have gained throughout the journey.


Happy journaling.