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Your Success Lives Outside Your Comfort Zone (It's Time to Make Your Move)

Written By: Matt Mignona

Your Success Lives Outside Your Comfort Zone (It's Time to Make Your Move)
It's safe where you are--cozy and snug in your comfort zone. You can do what you've always done in the same old ways and get similar results. You don't always achieve what you want, but it's what you're used to, and the setbacks you meet are familiar. How, though, will you discover what you can accomplish? How will you ever climb out of that place of comfort? How will you get to the point where you acknowledge your success lives outside that confined space in which you live a limited existence?
You must be willing to change
Change is uncomfortable, but it's the precursor to growth, and discomfort is a small price to pay for self-development. Be willing to face fear that makes you ill at ease--what you fear is never as fierce in real life as in your imagination--and your potential will blossom.
Don't let fear trick you
As you prepare to leave your comfort zone, fear will rise. Like a cell in your body experiencing the last throws of death, it will do its utmost to survive. It will double, triple, quadruple its efforts to get you to stay put.
Note your fears--the fear of failure, loss, and the unexpected--and walk right through them until you're out of your comfort zone. When you take new actions, you'll get acquainted with discomfort and understand it can't injure you after all.
Accept you can't be successful in your zone
The final push that extricates you from your comfort zone will only come when you accept you will not find success there. Your desire to extract yourself from the safety of familiarity will escalate too when your need to be a better version of you is stronger than the need to stay confined.
Learning hurts. It hurts to stretch your boundaries and step outside your zone. It hurts when you recognize you're in unfamiliar territory where anything can happen. It hurts when you realize you are vulnerable, aren't sure how to proceed, and might fall flat on your face. Your safe life and habits keep you tied to familiarity and away from discomfort.
Your comfort zone isn't your classroom, however. Unless you venture forth you won't grow. Unless you grow you won't turn into who you're supposed to be and live the life you're meant to live. Unless you stop playing it safe and throw caution to the wind, you won't achieve what you were born to achieve.

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