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Top Three Ways to Bust Anxiety in Three Minutes

Written By: Matt Mignona

Top Three Ways to Bust Anxiety in Three Minutes

We've all had  those moments when we were anxious, nervous  and just feeling like the end of the world is going to happen in a matter of minutes. Whether it's waiting for that important after-interview phone call or wondering if you are ever going to find the man of your dreams before you turn 30, anxiety comes in so many forms and shapes, and they can occur for the tiniest and silliest of reasons.


Fortunately, there are few quick tricks you can keep close to your sleeve so you can keep your cool throughout the day. Here are the top three ways to get rid of anxiety:


Write It Down


Writing things down can be extremely therapeutic and distracting at the same time and you can do it in between short breaks at work. Just keep a notepad and a pencil next to you in case you need to distract yourself from another wave of anxious thoughts.


You can jot down the specific thoughts that you are feeling, possible reasons why you are feeling this way, and end your three minutes by jotting down one or two positive things that you are grateful for to even things out. You'll be amazed at how lighter and less anxious you'll feel after this simple exercise. The best thing is you can do this several times during the day, each time your anxiety hits. 


Write down your thoughts in the Happier Mind Journal.


Do a Three-Minute Cardio Exercise


Exercise is good because you can't help but be in the zone when you're huffing and puffing. A good three-minute cardio exercise is a good way to distract yourself. Make it intense enough and you get a really great workout that could bring you significant health advantages. Run in place, sprint from one side of the room to another, or do a few sets of jumping jacks. This will get your endorphins flowing and your mood elevated just enough for you to be able to deal with any anxious thought that may come your way. 




Deep breathing exercises are popular for a reason. When we get stressed, our breathing becomes shallower and this makes returning to a state of calm difficult to do. Avoid this scenario especially during anxiety inducing moments by doing deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing stimulates your muscles and gives you something to focus on so you won't dwell on your anxious feelings. The practice is also effective at preventing panic attacks. You can start by slowly inhaling and exhaling deeply, concentrating on feeling the breath entering and leaving your body and nothing else. Do this in as short as one minute and you can feel an improvement in your mental clarity, focus and a renewed sense of calm.  


If you are anxious and you feel like more anxiety inducing scenarios are likely to occur before the day is over, take note of these three quick strategies you can use to restore peace and calm in a matter of minutes.


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