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Snappy and Unhappy? Five Realistic Ways to Shift a Bad Mood

Written By: Matt Mignona

Snappy and Unhappy? Five Realistic Ways to Shift a Bad Mood

When you're in a bad mood, your immunity plummets, and you upset people and make mistakes. Your attitude causes stress hormones to course through your system. As a result, you're grumpy and miserable. Also, you can't think clearly, since your reptilian brain takes over. No one wants to be crabby. Your main aim when your temperament slides downhill is to change your mentality, but how?


Count backward


Being in fight or flight mode shuts off your logic. Switch it back on by carrying out a logic-based task like counting backward. Your amygdala - the part of your brain responsible for aiding survival - will give way to your frontal lobe. You'll have more clarity and be able to think problems through without being hot-headed.


Do something kind


It's hard to be cross and compassionate simultaneously. You may be short-tempered, but force yourself to carry out an act of kindness, and your bad mood will soften. No one around to assist? Imagine people worse off than you who need help. Picture yourself solving their problem. Your brain will act as if your fantasy is real and deliver feel-good chemicals.


Go for a walk


Exercise will also aid feel-good hormones to cheer you up. Take a stroll in the countryside if possible, but anywhere will do. Can't go far? Jump up and down, or do star jumps in your garden. The combination of movement and silliness will alter your mental outlook.




You're in a bad mood because you're stressed, so unwind. Reduce anxiety with deep breaths, meditation, or by listening to happy music. Or, engage in any other task you find relaxing like having a hot bath or pottering around the garden. Leave whatever caused you to become crotchety behind, even if it's something you need to do. Pick it back up later when you're calm.


Pamper yourself


Just as being kind to others aids a good mood, giving yourself extra attention also works. Have a makeover, go shopping for a terrific outfit, or have treatments at a spa. No money to splurge? Give yourself a pedicure and hand massage at home to release tension and increase comfort.


You might be in a bad mood, but you can change your mentality. Switch on your logical brain by counting backward. Do something kind for others, or go for a walk. Unwind and reduce stress. Also, pamper yourself; increasing self-care will modify your brainwaves.


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