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How to Have the Mental Energy to Succeed

Written By: Matt Mignona

How to Have the Mental Energy to Succeed
Mental energy arises in your mind and is felt in your body. Even when you are fit and healthy, if you don't have it, you aren't productive. You don't feel like doing anything. When your mind is full of energy, you are dynamic; you feel driven to succeed and have the will to get things done. Despite the weariness of your body, you have the vitality to go that extra mile.

What Creates Mental Energy?

Having identified the need for mental energy, you might want to know more about its creation. Your thoughts generate inspiration and enthusiasm; they are the forerunners of a powerful mind. With the right thoughts, you can increase motivation and strengthen willpower. Once you do so, you will have the zeal to form new habits and push through your comfort zone to success.

Generate the Right Energy

Negative thoughts decrease your energy. Consequently, thinking about what you lack brings you down, lowering your spirits and zest. Many people fail to adopt healthy changes in their lives because they combine thoughts of what they want with deficiency. Thus, they might desire to lose weight but focus on being overweight. Thinking, "I am fat," rather than what it would be like to be slim, reduces the mental energy required for action. When you think negatively, you remain in the mode of lack. Your energy goes into keeping the absence of what you want going rather than contributing to change.
Positive thoughts raise your spirits, stoking mental energy. When you think about what you want without bringing deprivation into the equation, you build emotional vitality. Motivation comes from the positive feelings produced in your body while you imagine being slim, or whatever it is you want. Energy grows as the momentum of positivity accumulates.

How to Deal With Negative Thoughts

Despite wanting positive thoughts, you may sometimes meet unwanted ones. When thoughts that decrease energy rise, you need to know how to handle them. Imagine they are a cork floating in a glass of water. If you try to push the cork down, you meet resistance; it wants to bob back up again. Thoughts are the same. Attempts to push them away don't work because they resurface. Keep filling the glass, though, and the cork will float right out the top.
Fill your mind with positive thoughts, ignoring those you don't want and they will go. Concentrate on increasing uplifting thoughts about what you desire and what makes you feel terrific. Think about living the life you want, with the changes you prefer in place, and how doing so feels in your body. You'll generate the energy of excitement, enthusiasm, and joy.
You can have the mental energy to help you reach your goals and lead a healthy life. Build positive thoughts, letting unwanted ones flow out of existence, and you'll have the drive needed for success. Check out our blog on how to Add More Positivity To Drown Out The Negativity.  

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