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Add More Positivity to Drown Out the Negativity

Written By: Matt Mignona

Add More Positivity to Drown Out the Negativity

Do you have anyone in your inner circle who calls you and your immediate reaction is to hit “ignore” on your cell phone?

Those may be the same people who every time you speak with them, they tell you all about how bad things are in their life. They have a lousy marriage, rotten kids, crummy job, they don’t make enough money, they’re always sick, and on and on and on… You with me?

Everyone has this person in his or her life.

In this article, I want to share with you some practical tips to help you deal with this type of person and live a happier and more fulfilling, positive life. 

It’s not always easy to cut these negative people out of our lives, so what can we do to stay positive?


Drowning Out The Negativity


Let me ask you a question. If I were to give you a glass of water with a drop of poison in the glass, would you drink it? 

Your answer is probably no. The reason you said “no” is because you will get sick or possibly even die.

Stick with me here. 

Let me ask you another question. If I were to take that same glass of water with the drop of poison in the glass, ran it under a faucet of clean drinking water for over one hour, and then asked you to drink it, would you?  

I’m sure that your answer has changed. Your answer now is probably yes! The reason you said “yes” now is because all of the poison is diluted and has poured out of the glass.

So the punch line is this: you can drown out the negativity by adding an abundance of positivity. 


Adding More Positivity 


Here are a few practical tips on how you can add more positivity to help you drown out negativity in your life and live happier: 

  1. Wake up and journal every single morning! This is a must! Create your best mood and intention for the day.
  2. Celebrate gratitude. Take a moment every morning to stop and recognize the things you’re most grateful for. You can also download the Gratitude Log worksheet that will help you keep what you’re grateful for in front of you.
  3. Start every day with intention. If you know what success looks like before your day even starts, there’s no stopping you and nothing will get in the way of your happiness!
  4. Surround yourself with more optimistic and positive people. There’s nothing quite like submerging yourself with optimism. It is so contagious!
  5. Before you go to bed each night, think about the best thing that happened to you all day. Really experience the emotions and use all of your senses to recall that great moment in time. Ask yourself, “What did I see, smell, and feel?”
  6. Go to Instagram and follow people who motivate and inspire you.
  7. Watch your favorite YouTube channel to reenergize.

    These are a few ways that you can add so much positivity to your life. If you do those things, you’ll be able to handle any challenge that life throws your way.

    Again, the objective here is to add more positivity then negativity, like the example of drinking water I gave you above in this article. 


    Cut Out the Negativity


    So, let’s face it. The tips outlined above sound good on paper and can absolutely help you, but you may be asking yourself how you can handle life if you just can’t add enough positivity to it. 

    Some people are toxic. Some people even in your inner circle may slow you down or even hold you back. 

    Spend the least amount of time with these people.


    Go on a Negativity Diet for 24 Hours


    1. Avoid media—newspapers, television, and radio.

    2. Limit your time around negative people. If you get trapped into a conversation with a negative person, simply overwhelm them with positivity talk.

    3. Eliminate all negative self-talk entirely. Try to go 24 hours without any negative talk or self-talk.


    Hold yourself accountable for your 24-hour negativity diet. Here’s how:


    1. Grab a rubber band and place it on your right wrist.

    2. Go 24 hours without any negativity (see the negativity diet).

    3. If you violate any of the rules in the negativity diet, then place the rubber band on your other wrist and start the clock all over again.



      Do everything in your power to create a positive mindset each morning before you really start your day. Consume more positivity than negativity. Test out the 24-hour negativity diet. Please make sure you share your results with us on Facebook @TheHappierMindJournal.




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