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5 Simple Ways To Manifest Your Dreams And Achieve Your Goals

Written By: Matt Mignona

5 Simple Ways To Manifest Your Dreams And Achieve Your Goals

Life can feel like an endless cycle of challenges, but it doesn't need to. Often, what keeps people from achieving their goals is that they don't have a clear idea of what they want. These five simple ways to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals will help you to navigate through life's challenges and actually make a change for the better.


1. Give Yourself Clear Goals


Often, the problem with most people is that they aren't sure about what they want in their life. They know they want fancy vacations and time with family, but they aren't clear about how they are going to achieve those goals. When you don't make your desires clear, you are opening yourself up to distractions and, most of all, inaction. Isolate what you want with your life and be as specific as possible. If you want a job at a bank, write it down and imagine yourself working that dream job. It might seem silly, but without belief, you aren't going to take the steps towards actions. The more specific you are, the more you begin to take action towards what you actually want.


2. Make List Of Goals And Keep Them Visible


After you have clear goals, write your goals down and keep them visible. Make sure to keep your list in a place that you have to look at it every day, multiple times a day, if necessary. And, as you achieve your goals, cross things off of your list. At first, it will seem like nothing is being achieved, but eventually, you're going to start knocking goals off of that list--which will help motivate you. Keeping your goals visible will help them to stay fresh in your mind and also make it easier for you to focus on them. If you don't see your goals, you will forget what they are and forget to focus on them which will lead to inaction. If you are really serious about manifesting your dreams and achieving your goals, then you need to keep them visible and in the forefront of your mind as often as possible.


3. Push Through Fear


Fear stagnates like nothing else. Much of human existence is based on reactions to fear, but also reactions to the fear of what hasn't happened yet. Stop letting fear control your life. Worrying about what might happen keeps you living in a future that might not happen; worrying about what happened in the past keeps you living in a world that you can no longer change. Live right now and focus on what brings you joy and keeps you motivated. When you notice that you are living in fear and that it is keeping you from achieving your goals, mentally stop and remind yourself that this is your fear talking, nothing bad is happening to you and, right now you are safe. Do this as often as is necessary. Remind yourself of all the good in your life and how, at this exact moment, you are fine. Remember that life is only lived in the present, so do what needs to be done and don't let fear keep you from being who you truly are.


4. Surround Yourself With Positive Influences


It's time to cut the cable and get off the internet. If what you fill your daylight hours with isn't bringing you towards your clearly defined goals then it's time to let it go. Television, movies and the internet can be fun, but they can also be distractions and a technique for life avoidance. "I have no time!" you might say, but what are you doing with your free time? If after work you find yourself coming home, eating dinner and then filling the remaining hours of your day with mindless time-wasters before going to bed, then you should have a clear idea why you're not achieving your goals. You don't have to give up everything that is mindless fun, but if it's the only thing you're doing in your life outside of work, then you might need to evaluate how much time you're spending doing things that don't amount to much, which also includes friends. Take a look at your friends group--is it filled with people who build you up, or with people who tear you down and keep you rooted to the same, stagnant spot? If your friends are only using you as someone they complain to, or if they try to discourage any positive change in your life, then it might be time to let them go as well. On the road to manifesting your dreams, there will people you learn from and keep, and people you learn from and let go, so don't be afraid to make changes in all aspects of your life--including how much time you spend with certain friends. 


5. Dedicate Time To Self Improvement


Most people stagnate when they stop learning, which also leads to stagnation in other aspects of life. Pick a new skill to learn. Maybe you've always wanted to learn to speak another language, or play an instrument--choose something you've always wanted to do and learn to do it. Take this time and dedicate it to yourself and remember that you are capable of learning something new and growing as a person. Often, people forget what they are capable of as life and circumstances seem to work against them. It's easy to get stuck in a rut and not be able to find a way out of it, but having dedicated time for yourself and your own improvement is an investment that will only give you rich rewards with time. Once you realize how much you've been able to learn, you will realize that it is just as easy to work towards your goals and achieve them as well.



Life is full of challenges, but you can either submit and let life drag you around, or you can make a conscious decision to change your habits and start to bring about the life you've always wanted. These five simple ways to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals will help get you on the path to success and keep you there.


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