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3 Tips for Beginners on How to Practice the Keto Diet During the Holidays

Written By: Matt Mignona

3 Tips for Beginners on How to Practice the Keto Diet During the Holidays

If you've been following my on Instagram and viewing my Instagram stories that I post daily, you've noticed that I've been meticulously tracking my eating.


Why have I been so diligent?Well,  I've adopted a Keto Diet recently and I have to admit it - I LOVE it!


My mental clarity, cognition, energy, and mood has been on fire! Not to mentioned that I'm pleased with the extra weight I've been able to drop.


Now that the weather is starting to change, I know that my wife and I will be invited to some cookouts and Holiday events outdoors. This means that I need to make smart eating choices.


Practicing any diet during the holidays can be a challenge for dieters, especially when you are practicing the Keto Diet. As the Keto Diet requires that practitioners eat a low-carb, low-sugar diet, this typically means that Keto dieters can't enjoy most holiday comfort foods, but there are options available to help keep you on track with your diet plan. With these three tips, you can stick to your diet while still enjoying the holidays with your family and friends.


1) Eat before events


One of the best ways you can remain in control of your diet during any holiday is by eating before you go to an event. With the Keto Diet, to maintain ketosis (where your liver is converting stored fat into ketones for energy), you need to be sure to eat a low-carb diet. Guests are encouraged to overindulge at many holiday events throughout the year, and the treats and foods offered usually feature lots of sugar and carbs, from cakes and starchy vegetables to drinks with too much sugar in them. Unfortunately, for many people, holiday eating extends to the rest of the year and bad eating habits perpetuated long after the holiday is over. 


Take control of your diet by eating before you go to any holiday events. If you eat first, you can be sure that your stomach is already full of foods that work for your Keto Diet plan and avoid overeating high-carb, high-sugar, high-calorie foods that your body will end up storing as fat. If you aren't hungry at the party, you eliminate the inclination to indulge in foods inconsistent with a ketogenic diet. Another alternative is to go to holiday parties a little late, and after the host already has served dinner, so you don't have to make excuses for not eating. No matter what you choose, remaining in control and eating delicious, Keto Diet-friendly foods will help you keep your waistline from expanding during the holidays.


2) Drink water often and limit alcohol


Another way people indulge during holidays is by drinking high-calorie, high-sugar drinks, such as cocktails and beer. Limit your alcohol consumption by being sure to drink a lot of water. Water will help keep you feeling full throughout the day. Also, many people who are chronically dehydrated confuse their thirst for hunger; once they up their water intake, their hunger decreases as their body becomes adequately hydrated.


If you can't resist alcohol during the holidays and are looking for Keto Diet-friendly ways to indulge, then focus on the alcoholic drinks that you can have. There are a variety of low-carb beers for sale and hard alcohol, for the most part, doesn't have any carbs. Choose drinks that are low in sugar or sugar-free, and be sure to watch your overall consumption. Many people find that alcohol impacts them differently when they practice the Keto Diet, so limit your intake, keep hydrated, and be sure that you replace your electrolytes when drinking (as many alcoholic beverages dehydrate drinkers), otherwise you may find yourself waking up the next morning with a nasty hangover.


3) Prepare for temptation and have a plan


Whether you're eating out or eating at a friend's, be sure to have a plan to avoid temptation before going to an event. If you are eating at a restaurant, it often helps to check the restaurant's menu online before going, so you can plan and order a Keto Diet-friendly meal. If you find that the restaurant doesn't have options that will work for your diet, you may wish to try emailing the restaurant before the planned event to see if there is any way they can make some alterations to their menu to facilitate your diet. Alternatively, you can always suggest Keto Diet-friendly restaurant options to your friends. As the Keto Diet and low-carb eating have gained in popularity, it's not hard to find a place that can meet your dietary needs.


When eating at a friend's home, be sure to offer to bring your own, Keto-friendly food options. Many foods and snacks are ketogenic, and often people find that they are as delicious as the high-carb, high-sugar options customarily served at parties. You can also ask the host what they're planning on offering for dinner or as snacks and plan accordingly. If you know there won't be many options available for you, limit temptation by eating before attending. Many people have restrictive diets, so it's not uncommon for hosts to make concessions for specific eating habits. Don't be shy and don't feel sorry for taking control of your health.


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